Pi would support a boycott of the Olympics because of his fairness and equality for all living beings. In the beginning of the story, Pi sets sail in a cargo ship with his family and several cages full of zoo animals. The ship begins to sink and Pi jumps onto a lifeboat where he coincidentally finds himself alone with a diverse group of zoo animals. This group includes a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a tiger. In the boat with the different animals, Pi does not discriminate against any particular animal and learns to coexist with them all on board. He does not favor a particular animal nor does he treat one as inferior to the others. In his eyes, each and every living being on board has equal rights. This proves that in real life, Pi would indeed support a boycott of the Olympics. The situation here is very similar to the lifeboat. Just like he did not discriminate against any particular animal on board, he would never discriminate against a group of people in the world who have their own opinions and beliefs. He would push for the equality rights for people of the LGBT community amongst all other athletes participating in the Olympics.

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