“I can’t fight the sun. I can only watch helplessly as it drags me into a day that I’ve been dreading for months. Katniss Everdeen” (3)

The figurative language used is personification. The sun cannot actually drag you.  The use of this literary device allows the reader to visualize something that is not real. This helps strengthen the meaning and gives the reader a better understanding of the quote.

"I clasp the flask between my hands even though the warmth from the tea has long since leached into the frozen air" (1)

Here, the author uses imagery to enhance the meaning of the quotation. It provides a very detailed and vivid picture for the reader. One can see Katniss grasping the cold flask, frozen like an ice sculpture. The imagery is so powerful that it can even makes the reader shiver, with the feeling of frigid air against their skin.

The character Effie Trinket in Catching Fire emerges like a caterpillar from her cocoon (simile). At first, Effie is portrayed as a typical Capitol member who has no regard for the people living in the Districts. Her attitude is upbeat and positive during the Hunger Games. At the reapings, she conducts the ceremonies with pomp and splendour befitting the royalty of the Queen of Panem (metaphor). Her fashion sense makes her unique as she always wears very colourful and flamboyant outfits (imagery). This makes her stand out like a rainbow in the sky (simile). As she gets to know Katniss and Peeta better, she realizes that the Hunger Games is not something to be so excited about. The Capitol has brainwashed her to think that people should find entertainment in watching others die. She grows sympathy for people in the Districts and begins to see things from their perspective. Before Katniss leaves for the Hunger Games, Effie wishes her good luck and is distraught because she has become personally attached to Katniss. 



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