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Mental toughness in athletes is as important as physical toughness. When an athlete has the combination of these two factors, they will achieve optimal sport performance and witness astonishing results. According to sport psychologists at the University of Texas, mental toughness is a collection of attributes that allow a person to concentrate on the task at hand and persevere through difficult situations without losing self confidence. There are several strategies that athletes can adopt while training as well as during competition to improve their mentality and enter a "zone" where limitations are surpassed. Some of these strategies include having an overriding internal motivation, removing mental and situational distractions, not focussing on the outcome, pre-performance rituals, and visualizing success. The exhibition of consistent mental toughness is what separates the great athletes from the good athletes.

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1. If an athlete exudes mental toughness, can it change their potential success in the future? What is the highest level of success that can be achieved?
2. Are there any other strategies that can be nurtured by athletes to help mental toughness?


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