This article is indeed very thought provoking and intriguing. As much as we value security in modern society, I feel the government has become extremely invasive and made the common man vulnerable to losing all privacy. The thought that every time we speak on the phone our conversation can be recorded, or that whenever we cross the border our physical characteristics are being permanently stored in a data file is very unnerving. The media and government have instilled a sense of fear in us  and this has made us willing to give up the basic rights of privacy that every human being should be
entitled to. People are too afraid to say no to any infringement of their privacy, as they are constantly being reminded that the government is working  for our safety and hence these measures are necessary. We are too scared to say no and stand up to these unfair and flawed arguments. 
The constant hype about terrorism by the government and media at present is a true example of the All or Nothing Fallacy. GPS tracking and all the surveillance programs adopted by the government in the name of security, is leaving individuals completely exposed. Another argument that hit home is the Luddite Argument. With the advancement in cellular technology alone, our privacy is being invaded. One example is Apple’s brand new iPhone 5s. This device includes a fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock your phone and perform other functions such as purchasing items from the apple store. This is a major cause for worry as one may wonder if their personal information is being stored somewhere in cyberspace and can be accessed by criminals or government officials without consent. 

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